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Pediatric Dentistry

boy cleans a teethChildren are prone to running around, playing with friends, and trying to avoid doing homework. They love to avoid vegetables and would rather eat sugary candy or sweets—and then not brush their teeth. This habit that they begin to create would begin to damage their teeth, especially if they begin to do it constantly. Sooner or later, children must visit the dentist and receive their check-ups regularly in order to prevent the damaging of their teeth. Thus, as a parent, it is important to bring your child to one of the best dentists throughout Anaheim in order to give them the best dental care. However, with so many different children’s dental groups in Anaheim, it must be hard to discover which dental group is the best for your child. Though, your worries can now come to an end, especially once you come visit 7 Day Dental.

Here at 7 Day Dental, we want to ensure that your child receives the best dental care. 7 Day Dental is here to work for your child’s needs and care. Thus, we have twenty six specialists and plenty of child doctors that are here to serve you. Our dentists are also completely child friendly and want to make sure that your child’s experience at the dentist office is enjoyable and positive. They understand that a child may be timid, scared, and possibly even terrified of the dentist. They understand that a child might not have had previous good dental experiences at dental offices. Thus, the dentists are sure to avoid making decisions that could scare your child, and instead, make decisions that would make your child feel more comfortable and connected at the dental office. For example, the dentist would speak with the child and get to know them before proceeding. They would also give the child a goodie bag or sticker at the end of the child’s visit. In this way, it would not be hard for the parent, or you, to bring the child back to visit the dentist.

Not only are our dentists kid friendly, but our offices are also kid friendly and make our children feel comfortable and at home as well. For example, we have lounges that are filled with toys, televisions, and games that will ensure that the child would have fun while they wait for the dentist—as so they won’t have to think about how scared they are of the dentist if they are. The kids lounge also offers kids a way to connect and meet with other children, thus making the environment feel more relaxed since they begin to make and meet new friends. Thus, our entire office and employees are dedicated to making your child feel safe and at home.

Our dental office is not only kid friendly, but also kid convenient. We understand that kids are busy, whether they have to attend school, recitals, or sports practices, and therefore we try to make it as convenient as possible for your child to come visit the dentist, especially as dental care is a crucial part to your child’s health at a young age. With being open seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year, we are able to adjust to your child’s schedule and get them to see the dentist on the day that they are free. Not only are we open every day, but we are also open during evenings and afterhours. Thus, even after your child’s sport practice or school, we would still be able to fit your child in for the dentist. Therefore, we are here to serve your child at their convenience and time.

With our kid friendly environment and desire to server your child, be sure to visit 7 Day Dental!


"Dr. Marfatia and Staff (Jessica and Raissa), I just wanted to say thanks for treating my son with great care! He's 4 years of age and shed maybe a couple of tears. Quite the contrary of what I thought he would react. Jessica and Raissa were also great with my son, they were very professional and knowlegable with additional questions I had after we saw the doctor. Thanks again! "
C. C. – Orange County, CA

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